Thank you SWFL for helping Caleb's Crusade serve our families

About Us...

What We Do:

Caleb’s Crusade supports advocacy, raises awareness for childhood cancer, and directly funds local families aiding in the financial challenges that come with such a diagnosis.  

Who We Help:

Caleb's Crusade has been helping SWFL families since 2010.  We provide assistance to families who are living in Southwest Florida and have a child with Cancer.



Caleb's Crusade was founded by Caleb's parent, Rob and Monique Whan.


Rob Caleb’s dad and a voice of the childhood cancer community. Rob is a strong advocate for our children and a great leader in the childhood cancer community. He proves day in and day out that nothing else matters but helping children and their families.


Monique, Caleb’s mom. Soft spoken but driven to make a difference. Monique strives to be the best mother she possibly can and fights to give kids a better chance than Caleb had.


Bella, Caleb's little sister. Although she is young she participates in all of our events and supports her parents 100%.

How We Help:

Natalie, a single mother of 4, is a family that Caleb's Crusade has been helping while her youngest daughter Neriha has been under going treatment, here is her words on how Caleb's Crusade has helped her