Local & Federal Government Advocacy

Advocacy is important to us. Kids like Caleb don’t get a chance to let their voice be heard among those who can enact positive change for children with cancer. We are their voice. Through advocacy programs we can influence change and help encourage increases in research spending, standard of care policy, and better treatments for childhood cancer.

Caleb’s Crusade will guide you through the advocacy process and attend events with you. We invite you to join us regardless of your experience level.

Join our advocacy team to be updated with advocacy changes, events, and let your voice be heard.

Issues We Are Following

  • Pharmaceutical treatments for children with cancer.
  • National Cancer Institute funding levels and their grant review process
  • Enactment of the Creating Hope Act
  • Passing of the Kids First Act in the Senate
  • Passing the Re-authorization of the Carolyn Price Walker Cure Childhood Cancer Act

Policy Entities We Help Support

  • State Coalitions Project – Advised by Rob Whan – http://www.statecoalitions.org
  • The Nicolas Conner Institute – http://www.tnci.org
  • Coalition Against Childhood Cancer – http://www.cac2.org

Upcoming Events for Advocacy

  • Feburary 25-29 – RDLA (Rare Disease Legislative Advocacy) Event in Washington DC – Register Now

Our Trips to DC