Caleb’s Crusade is honored to be able to help Southwest Florida families who battle everyday with the financial struggles that come along with having a child with cancer.

Testimonials From Childhood Cancer Families….



“Caleb’s Crusade is more than just kind words, they have walked in your shoes, I think more than anything I was looking for someone who understood me.  They came to the hospital at times when Tyler was very sick to just be there.  You know at first everyone you know is sorry, and they want to help, just give them a call.  But you call and their really not their for you.  Caleb’s Crusade was.  And not just once but every time.  They have become part of our family.  When you are in the hospital for a month at a time and then trips to the hospital 4 times a week, 2 hours round trip, it is hard to do anything else but cure your child.  As a single mother my financial stress was overwhelming but they were there for me to keep the creditors at bay.  They are the only organization that I am aware of that gives direct assistance to families in Collier and Lee counties.”




 “During Lilly’s treatment we were met with many hardships. The weight cancer puts on a family, even beyond the actual treatment, is devastating. We had to give up our home, move in with family, go down to just one car for our family of five, and learn to budget for the life of a family battling cancer. A week before Lilly’s Make A Wish my husband was let go from work. We were then left with no income…many medical expenses that insurance didn’t cover, as well as the stress of affording gas back and forth to treatment, food while in the hospital with her, and being able to provide for our three children. We were sinking and sinking fast. Then one day Rob Whan contacted me. Not long after that we met at Lilly’s hospital bedside, and it was then that Caleb’s Crusade became a name we were not only familiar with but forever grateful for. The team members not only became our friends and support but also helped to alleviate much of the financial burden we were facing so that we could focus on our little girl. I’m not sure how we would have ever made it through those ten months without their generous charity, as well as the friendships and bonds created. I cannot express just how much Caleb’s Crusade has done for my family, but please know that each one of you coming together to raise funds and awareness, mean so very much. Each and every one of you makes a difference! What you do for these families battling this monster called cancer is truly amazing.”



“When your child is diagnosed with cancer it is devastating. Our lives changed in the blink of an eye! Our son has been in the fight for his life for more than 2 years now.  Caleb’s Crusade has been there for us during this extremely stressful time offering emotional support as well as financial assistance. They have been a consistent source of friendship, information and support for us during this difficult time; it has meant more than we can express.  Caleb’s Crusade is an invaluable source of information for a newly diagnosed family. They provide resources and support for families whether they’re financial or just to help maintain a positive mental state of mind.”

THANK YOU Caleb’s Crusade!








[vc_testimonial author=”Maria” company=””] “I can’t tell you how grateful I am that when I am in need of financial assistance or emotionally need someone to talk to, Caleb’s Crusade and the people who surround them are there for me” [/vc_testimonial]




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