Children battling cancer need your help.  We ask for your help in supporting families through financial assistance, advocacy, and building awareness.

Caleb’s Crusade appreciates your support.  Every dollar counts. 

In the past 4 years Caleb’s Crusade has had numerous donations from people just like you, whether it’s  $1.00 or $100,000.00 every penny counts,  no amount is too small.

One Time Donation

You can also send a donation to:

Caleb’s Crusade

P.O. Box 60017,

Fort Myers, Florida 33906


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Thank you to our Sponsors


[vc_testimonial author=”Unknown”]”You are only given one life, do good unto others and greatness will come to you”[/vc_testimonial]

Sustainability is Built With Philanthropy

We value the power of philanthropic generosity and aim to be the best steward of your endowments and planned giving. We want to help you add to your families legacy by helping children with cancer. We offer annual funding levels that will sustain multiple projects that support our mission. You can fund our financial assistance program or our advocacy education program on an annual basis with certain reasonable funding levels. Our financial advisor and attorney will be more than open to discussing details with you and your support team.