Happy Heavenly Birthday Caleb
March 17, 2015


RE: Childhood Cancer Lafayette Park Eviction

Mr. President,
This letter is written from a perspective of a father who has lost his only son to childhood cancer. Please let me tell you about Caleb. Caleb is every parent’s’ worse nightmare. He’s gone only 11 days after his fourth birthday. Dreams turned into ash. A crushing blow to your core. You start to wonder why and it doesn’t make any sense. We get educated. We get involved. We raise awareness. We fight for federal funds. WE ASK THE WHITE HOUSE TO GO GOLD!

With respect to the office I will promise not to take up much of your time but I have some information I would like to share with you. We would like to thank you and your office for the National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month Briefing with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on Friday. We also appreciate your support through years of proclamation for September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The community truly appreciates the engagement and hopes to shape some goals with more cooperation.

We have asked and petitioned to turn the “White House Gold.” The official word of the White House was “we cannot light the building gold for the month of September”. In light of the recent PR debacle at the White House “A Night of Golden Lights” Saturday, where our community organized a Candlelight Vigil to honor and memorialize our kids; where I was looking forward to saying some words about Caleb. Maybe it is time to address this by becoming engaged and making Childhood Cancer a National Priority. Invest in the science and medicine that will save lives. This is all we are asking. At least use your power to help our cause and not stand in the way of the awareness that our kids deserve. We are doing this to save kids so other parents won’t have to endure the grief stricken life we live. Perhaps this is news to you so we hope to see the White House Gold in the days to come.

If this ever makes it to your desktop I would extend an invitation to meet with some of this communities leaders and we would be delighted to figure out a way to get more direct funds for cutting edge precision medicine that will save lives. Some of these initiatives are already proposed in the legislative branch. Another discussion would be to invite the attendees back to Washington DC for a personal meeting and Presidential Miracle Gala for Childhood Cancer, maybe at the Kennedy Center. Maybe we can invite the Congressional Black Caucus and other affluent groups to engage with our philanthropic efforts. After all, our efforts could save your child or grandchild. It is too late for my son.



Rob Whan
Forever ^Caleb’s^ Dad
#stepup #Whitehousegogold @POTUS
If you would like to read more about Caleb go to http://www.calebscrusade.org/about/calebs-story/




  1. please don’t forget about the thing that really matter, or kids without them we have no future. They deserve more than what we give them. They need to be the first priority. If it were your child you would want the same. Let’s show them we do care.

  2. Katrina says:

    Thank you for writting this letter for our children.

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