Our Mission

Meet Our Team

[vc_member name=”Rob Whan” role=”CEO” img=”1779″ linkedin=”http://www.linkedin.com/” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/robwhan”]Caleb’s dad and a voice of the childhood cancer community. Rob is a strong advocate for our children and a great leader in the childhood cancer community. He proves day in and day out that nothing else matters but helping children and their families.[/vc_member]
[vc_member name=”Monique Whan” role=”Co-CEO” img=”1781″ facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/calebscrusade” twitter=”https://twitter.com/” linkedin=”http://www.linkedin.com/”]Meet Monique, Caleb’s mom. Soft spoken but driven to make a difference. Monique strives to be the best mother she possibly can and fights to give kids a better chance than Caleb had. [/vc_member]
[vc_member name=”Jack Betz” role=”RRCA Certified Running Coach” img=”1782″ facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/” linkedin=”http://www.linkedin.com/”]Jack came to Caleb’s Crusade with a goal to finish his first Marathon under 5 hours. In the past 3 years he has finished 3 marathons and 2 goofy challenges. I think we have a lifelong crusader and distance runner.[/vc_member]

Our History

We Launch!


Caleb’s Crusade was Founded September of 2009.  We received our first grant of $900.00 from the McNew Foundation.

[vc_testimonial author=”Martin Luther King Jr.”]“Life’s persistent and most urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?”[/vc_testimonial]

The start of our Logo

Our logo is very special to us,  it is the likeness of a picture of Caleb swinging that a college student created for us.

A Year of Fundraising


2010 was our first full year of fundraising.  We won a grant from Chase Bank in the amount of $25,000.00.

Successful Fundraisers

  1. Chuck E Cheese Fundraiser
  2. Creative Hats for Caleb’s Crusade Silent Auction at Encore Bank
  3. Bath & Body Fundraiser
  4. McDaddy’s Halloween Party
  5. Sandblast Fundraiser
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Launch of Our Running Program

2010 was also the first year we started our running program.  Caleb’s Crusade had about 20 runners who fundraised for the foundation and ran a Half or Full Marathon. Our runners raised nearly $20,000.

Our Events in 2011

  1. Busey Bank Silent Auction
  2. Cape Coral Fall Festival
  3. Sanibel Firefighter Calendar Event
  4. Bake Sale
  5. Breakfast w/ Santa
  6. Annual McDaddy’s Halloween Party
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For one of our events we had a young man raise $1100 for our foundation collecting coins, asking for donations, and saving his allowance.

The Sanibel Firefighters donate 50% of their Calendar Sales to Caleb’s Crusade totaling $2965.96

Our 2nd Full Year of Fundraising – Caleb’s Crusade Grows

2011 was our second year with our running program. We had over 25 runners who raised $26,000.


Events in 2012

  1. Laugh-In Comedy for Kids Cancer
  2. Lazy Flamingo Golf Tournament
  3. Annual McDaddy’s Halloween Party
  4. 2nd Annual Breakfast w/ Santa
  5. Toy Drive for Golisano Children’s Hospital
  6. Oktoberfest at the German American Social Club
  7. Books-A-Million Book Fair
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Our Running Team Grows

In 2012 Caleb’s Crusade had over 30 Runners training and fundraising who raised over $32,000.

Started an Annual Comedy for Kids W/ Cancer which over 100 people showed up for some great laughs.

Events in 2013

  1. Kick Butt Bash
  2. Headpinz Bowling
  3. FMCS Kindergarten Bake Sale
  4. Peace day at the Park
  5. 2nd Annual Laugh-In Comedy for Kids Cancer
  6. Run or Dye
  7. Fit 2 Run Poker Run 5k
  8. Quarter Auction
  9. Yoga Fundraiser Benefit
  10. Oktoberfest at the German American Social Club
  11. Annual McDaddy’s Halloween Party
  12. Kick Butt Elf Bash Snow/Mud Run
  13. 3rd Annual Breakfast w/ Santa
  14. 2nd Annual Toy Drive for Golisano Children’s Hospital
  15. Broadway Palm Silent Auction
  16. Books-A-Million Book Fair
  17. Stingray Concession Fundraiser
  18. Family Outdoor Movie Night
  19. Paintball W/A Purpose
  20. Bike Night Raffles
  21. Circus of the Arts
  22. Harley Davidson Gift-wrapping
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More Grants – More Growth!

In 2013 Caleb’s Crusade had a lot of first

We had 2 Kids Mud Run with over 100 kids

We partnered with Run or Dye and had over 100 volunteers helping

We also partnered with Broadway Palm when they preview CATS and had a silent auction

Fort Myers Christian Schools Kindergarten Class raised $920 on there annual bake sale in one day

Upcoming Events for 2014

  1. Quarter Auction—March
  2. Poker run (TBD)
  3. Silent/Live Auction—-May/June
  4. Kick Butt Bash Mud Run —- April
  5. Golf Tournament—May
  6. Kindergarten Bake Sale – March
  7. Runners Kickoff Meeting—- April
  8. Bikers For Bully’s Event—Aug
  9. Peace day at the Park —-September
  10. 3rd Annual Laugh-In Comedy for Kids Cancer- September
  11. Annual McDaddy’s Halloween Party-October
  12. Annual Toy Drive for Golisano Children’s Hospital – Dec
  13. Annual Breakfast w/ Santa – Dec
  14. Oktoberfest at the German American Social Club – Oct
  15. Run or Dye – November
  16. Books-A-Million Book Fair
  17. Stingrays Football, Raffle—–5 Dates TBA
  18. Vino Picaso —–June-July
  19. Paintball w/ a Purpose

Upcoming Event

Volunteer Today

Roll up your sleeves and lets Get To Work!

What We Do 

Caleb’s Crusade continues to grow and prosper as we celebrate 4 years of serving children and their families with childhood cancer.  We have helped many families primarily in Southwest Florida with the financial challenges that come with their child being diagnosed with cancer. We also aim to raise awareness for childhood cancer which includes advocating for children with cancer both locally and in our nations capitol.  We are particularly tenacious in making sure children have a voice in the competition for research dollars, and we won’t give up until a cure is found.

As leaders of the foundation Rob and Monique make themselves available to help navigate the challenges with the experience and the resources that they have. They also have connected many families with other organizations and resources throughout the country in hopes to fill all the voids that our families face. We like to say if we cannot fill a need ourselves we will do everything we can to connect the families we support with the resources that are out there. Being this active allows Rob and Monique to offer their emotional support as well. We are available around the clock to our families for just about any need or support that they may need.

How We Help

Aside from grants, we offer direct bill pay for utilities, phone, car payments, car repairs/maintenance, mortgage/rent payments, groceries, gas, minor medical equipment needs, necessary furniture, spending money for trips (which allows families to make irreplaceable memories) travel for treatment and an occasional gift to cheer up our kiddos or their siblings.  We have also gifted some electronics based on unique situations.  We do not pay medical bills.

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