Helping Southwest Florida Childhood Cancer Families

Caleb’s Crusade supports advocacy, raises awareness for childhood cancer, and directly funds local families aiding in the financial challenges that come with such a diagnosis.  Caleb’s Crusade was founded by Caleb’s parents to honor his life that was taken by leukemia 11 days after his 4th birthday.

Our “Superheroes”

“We fight everyday to build a legacy, brick by brick, for the children we failed”  ~Rob Whan

Meet The Angels That Built The Foundation

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Understanding my Perspective: Heaven “IS” for Real

The emotions when someone loses a child, to death, are like a tornado that takes everything and leaves the broken, crumbled foundation for you to reconstruct. The day my son left his body is a day I will never forget. I relive it everyday when I awake and realize that Caleb is gone. Every morning I hope that I am waking from a nightmare and my son is laying there beside me. Through my grief I have read a lot about life after death. A couple of books that helped me were Heaven is for Real and The Boy Who Came Back From

RDLA Report: Rare is not a DIRTY WORD

My latest Blog. RDLA Report to the Community: Rare is not a Dirty Word Thank you RDLA for all the hard work and paving the way for low patient populations.

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