Helping Southwest Florida Childhood Cancer Families

Caleb’s Crusade supports advocacy, raises awareness for childhood cancer, and directly funds local families aiding in the financial challenges that come with such a diagnosis.  Caleb’s Crusade was founded by Caleb’s parents to honor his life that was taken by leukemia 11 days after his 4th birthday.

Our “Superheroes”

“We fight everyday to build a legacy, brick by brick, for the children we failed”  ~Rob Whan

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****FEEL FREE TO JOIN OUR MOVEMENT BY SHARING**** AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT OBAMA RE: Childhood Cancer Lafayette Park Eviction Mr. President, This letter is written from a perspective of a father who has lost his only son to childhood cancer. Please let me tell you about Caleb. Caleb is every parent’s’ worse nightmare. He’s gone only 11 days after his fourth birthday. Dreams turned into ash. A crushing blow to your core. You start to wonder why and it doesn’t make any sense. We get educated. We get involved. We raise awareness. We fight for federal funds. WE ASK

Happy Heavenly Birthday Caleb

Happy Birthday Caleb 2015 11 years ago this very day I gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  It was such a joyful day for Rob and I as we welcomed our first and only son to the world.  Caleb Robert Whan made us a family for the first time and we couldn’t have been happier. I remember holding Caleb for the first time looking into his beautiful blue eyes and telling him how happy I was to be his mother.  He brought such joy to us, his love, smiles, and laughter were a little glimpses of heaven on earth. 

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